Private Training

Get the trainer all to yourself! Whether you are addressing common behavior problems like over excitement, jumping, chewing, or dealing with mild-moderate aggression, private time gives you flexible scheduling and customizable training to meet your needs. Private time works wells to start your training while you wait for a class to start or if you prefer the one on one setting. Sessions last for approximately one hour and are held on site at BPP. $80/hour for one dog, every 30 minutes beyond that is additional $20.


Group Classes

Class sizes range from 3-5 dogs. These classes are not suitable for dogs that exhibit signs of aggression towards people or other dogs.

spacious 28'x44' training room

spacious 28'x44' training room


Class Requirements & Registration:

Dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper, & we highly recommend Bordetella (Kennel Cough). A copy of vaccines must be presented to BPP by the first class.

Children are always welcome in class. The primary handler must be at least 14 years of age unless pre-approved by the trainer.

Bring your dog to class on a 4-6’ leash (no Flexi/retractable leashes in class). Come with a variety of treats (at least 4 different types) and enough to fill a sandwich baggie. Please no hard dog biscuits.

So what makes a good treat?

  • Small, pea size so your dog can eat it quickly.

  • Healthy – avoid treats that have a lot of artificial coloring added to it. Treats made in the USA

  • Your dog must want it and like it!

  • Commercial treats such as Zukes, Blue Buffalo, Real Meat jerky treats, Solid Gold jerky treats (can be broken into smaller pieces), Charlie Bears, and Little Stars are a good selection and a nicevariety to keep your dog interested.

  • Hot Dogs, Chicken, Freeze Dried Liver, Cheese, and Pepperoni are just some of the high value treats that are always good to bring just in case your dog is fearful or over stimulated and needs extra encouragement at the first class.

You may withdraw from a class up until 14 days before the first class. After that, your registration fee is non-refundable.


Basic 101: 

First class is without dogs. This is a beginner’s class for puppies and dogs that introduces the principles of positive reinforcement techniques and training. Subjects covered will include: name recognition, focus, and sit, leave-it, down, loose leash walking & coming when called. Students will also learn techniques to utilize at home to calm your dog for when company comes or while you are eating dinner, watching T.V. or reading. 6 weeks/$130 – first class is without dogs


Leash Walkers Anonymous

This is a NEW 6 week specialty class specifically for leash walking. If you want a dog that will focus and walk nicely by your side then this is for you! You will learn other exercises such as settle, attention, and leave it that help with your success. Dogs must not show any signs of aggression towards other dogs or people. 6 weeks/$130 - No prerequisite

Advanced Focus 201:  

Building on the training that was learned in Basic 101, this session will focus more specifically on teaching stay and calm behaviors. Teach your dog polite greetings, how to do “nothing”, wait at doors and more.  5 weeks/ $110 Prerequisite, Basic 101


CGC/Therapy Dog Prep Course:  

Do have the desire to obtain the Canine Good Citizen certificate for you dog? Maybe you want them to become a Therapy dog to visit nursing homes. This class will work on perfecting the requirements needed to pass these tests. Sitting for petting, accepting a friendly stranger, calmness in the presence of an approaching dog, walking on a loose leash in a crowd, coming when called and acceptance of grooming/handling. Prerequisite: Basic 101, Advanced 201 & 202.

Advanced Movement 202: 

Imagine calling your dog away from tempting treats on the ground or playing with another dog. What about being able to walk past people on the sidewalk without as much as a glance from your dog? This session is all about movement, focusing on obtaining a reliable recall and loose leash walking. We will continue to build the recall as the distraction increases as well as heel work.  5 weeks/$110 Prerequisite, Basic 101


Come When Called: A refresher course

A new class for people that have gone through previous BPP classes. Is your recall not where you want it? Do you find yourself saying “Come” more than once and your dog never shows up? Wouldn’t it be nice to say Come and have your dog stop what they are doing, turn on a dime and actually come when you call? This 3 week course will address why your dog isn’t coming, how to train a whistle recall, and how to get your dog to “Come”.  1 night 6-8 pm $60  Prerequisite, Basic 101


What People Are Saying About Bessey's Positive Paws


"We had a wonderful time taking the Basic 101 class with Erin. It helped us build a strong foundation with our pup and we both learned a ton during the class. Looking forward to the next step, thanks again!" K.S.


I have to say I’m thinking of this whole dog/kid thing much differently than I would have if we hadn’t spent time with you! I think my attempts at keeping the peace would have been much more focused on “no Daisy” and less on finding the balance. But just as Claire deserves a break from all the slobbery puppy smooches, Daisy deserves a break from the fur tugging, face smacking and ear grabbing. M.S.


"Wonderful and knowledgeable trainer." A.S.

"Angus and I had such a good time at puppy school, he is such a blessing! I hope to do more with him in the future! You do a wonderful job and you are a great go to person, thanks for all the support! D.B"



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