Here are some of my favorite resources about dogs, training and behavior. There are many more available but I believe these are some that help any person build a solid foundation and understanding of dogs.


Don't Shoot the Dog
Karen Pryor

The Culture Clash 
Jean Donaldson

The Power of Positive Dog Training
Pat Miller

Positive Perspectives
Pat Miller

Living with Kids and Dogs…Without Losing You Mind: A Parent’s Guide to Controlling the Chaos
Colleen Pelar

The Culture Clash
Jean Donaldson

The Other End of the Leash
Patricia McConnell



Calming Signals
Turid Rugaas

YouTube: Kikopup
Emily Larlham

Sirius Puppy Training
Ian Dunbar



The Whole Dog Journal



Before You Get your Dog
Ian Dunbar

After You Get Your Dog
Ian Dunbar

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