Bessey’s Positive Paws (BPP) is a family owned business in Whitefield, Maine committed to serving the Augusta and surrounding areas with the finest training available.

Do you want:

  • To fix old habits and teach your dog new & approved ones?
  • Be proud to take your dog with you anywhere?
  • Have your dog greet others appropriately?
  • Have your dog and cat live harmoniously together?
  • Fido to come when you call him?

I can help you achieve these and more! We offer something for everyone.

Most of us want to include our dogs fully in our lives, which is much easier when we give them boundaries and skills with real-life relevance. BPP uses a program to promote training of practical skills to improve the bond between people and their canine companions through positive reinforcement. Reward-based training methods minimize the use of punishment and are fun for both owner and dog! Combining contemporary knowledge with scientifically proven training techniques BPP strives to create a safe, positive environment in which owners and dogs can enjoy learning and training together.

Small classes allow for individual attention from the trainer. Bessey’s Positive Paws encourages the whole family to be involved in the training process. We specialize in family/companion dog training, dog communication and addressing common misconceptions about dogs. Understanding the fundamentals of dog training and behavior are the small steps needed to work towards the bigger picture. Being able to think like your pet is a valuable skill and the combination will take you far in training.


What’s New with Bessey’s Positive Paws?

 *NEW* Come When Called: A new class for people that have gone through previous BPP classes. Is your recall not where you want it? Do you find yourself saying “Come” more than once and your dog never shows up? Wouldn’t it be nice to say Come and have your dog stop what they are doing, turn on a dime and actually come when you call? This 3 week course will address why your dog isn’t coming, how to train a whistle recall, and how to get your dog to “Come”.  3 weeks/$80  Prerequisite, Basic 101

What Clients are Saying:

Erin is awesome! Our chocolate lab Razzle went through both of the puppy classes and Erin was a great instructor and gave us individual attention when needed. Erin always had great suggestions for problems we were having – C.S.

Angus and I had such a good time at puppy school, he is such a blessing! I hope to do more with him in the future! You do a wonderful job and you are a great go to person, thanks for all the support! D.B

I have to say I’m thinking of this whole dog/kid thing much differently than I would have if we hadn’t spent time with you!  I think my attempts at keeping the peace would have been much more focused on “no Daisy” and less on finding the balance.  But just as Claire deserves a break from all the slobbery puppy smooches, Daisy deserves a break from the fur tugging, face smacking and ear grabbing. M.S.

Things are going quite well –the kissy sound works really well.  You gave some fantastic tips! I’m very impressed with the progress we’ve made due to your tips (of course we are mostly in my yard, but we did encounter a dog about 40 yards away and had success!) A.M

Erin Bessey CPDT-KA


72 S. Hunts Meadow Rd

Whitefield, Me 04353

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