No Restraint Toe Nail Trims

If you own a dog then you probably have had to trim their toenails or pay someone to do it for you. Trimming dog’s toenails isn’t for everyone, even the dog. Some dogs have had such an unpleasant experience with their feet being touched or toenails trimmed that they flee the moment the clippers are brought out or require an extra person to restrain them, the use of a muzzle or in a few cases sedation. If this describes your dog, it won’t get better on its own. In fact over time, it usually gets worse. But there is hope!

Handling your dog’s feet and pairing that and toe nail trimming with something positive, think a very yummy, stinky, treat, is key in creating a lifelong, stress free situation for you and your dog. In the following video I work with Tripp to create calmness while trimming his (black) toenails. I take my time when it comes to trimming the nails so I work with my dogs to heavily reinforce them being calm and still. To see how I handle things when Tripp gets a little twitchy or excited you’ll want to watch. This video does not go into depth on how to approach the actual cutting of the nail but rather how to make it so your dog associates the clippers, feet handling and the trimming of the nail with something positive. In the end I offer up tips on how to take it even slower if your dog is so distraught or difficult when it comes time for his pedicure.

Uploaded by Erin Bessey - CPDT-KA on 2019-02-13.

A no restraint way to trim your dog’s toe nails.